Domain Name Services

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In addition to managing a portfolio of high-value domain names, we can work with clients to secure a domain name on their behalf. However, we do not usually register domains directly.

We procure domains from a variety of sources; these include:

  • expired domains as they drop
  • public and private auctions
  • as well as private negotiations with domain owners or their brokers.

We can help, whether by buying up similar domains to protect an existing brand name or securing the branding for a new venture.

The following applies specifically to UK domains, but the principles and customer services goals apply equally to any domain we are working with.

UK Domain Names

Domain names ending in .UK are managed by Nominet. However, domain registration, renewal and updating are managed by registrars authorised by Nominet.

When you own a .UK domain name, you are bound by the:

The above links take you to the relevant documents. If you have any questions you can call us on 07740 290235

Transfer of Domain Names

The above documents matter because if we sell a domain to you or procure one on your behalf, we will initially have registered the domain in our name. On completion of your purchase, we transfer ownership of the domain to you via Nominet.

The process


The Buyer submits their offer for a domain via contact with us.


If we accept the offer to purchase a domain we send full details of the domain and how to make payment.


The buyer makes payment to us for the agreed amount.

Transfer ownership of the domain.

Upon receipt of payment, we initiate a transfer of the domains to the buyer via Nominet, the UK’s domain authority. The Buyer will then receive an email from Nominet containing a secure link to change the registrant details. There is no charge from us for the Nominet transfer.

During this process, the buyer also changes the IPS TAG to one of their choosing, eg. Godaddy, 123-reg Google etc. We are, of course, available to assist with this process.

Once the buyer has processed the Nominet transfer and added their details, the domains’ new registrant data will be visible via the Nominet Whois lookup. At this point, the domain is ready for use.

The above process forms part of our terms of business and, of course, is covered by our complaints policy. Also, any dispute arising from your domain registration will be bound by the appropriate dispute resolution policy, specifically for .uk domains, Nominet Dispute Resolution Service