Website Management

Website Management

A web presence does not stop at having a great looking website.  As your business changes so too should the content on your site; this is why website management is essential.

Keeping your content fresh and up to date should be a high priority.  Have you ever searched for a business to check their opening times, only to find them closed when you get there? Or worse, they have moved.

Website Management

As your web presence grows, you will invariably find that your requirements change.  You may wish to add additional functionality, such as specific contact forms, order forms, or stock checking facilities.

I can provide ongoing support to carry out small changes, but most my clients prefer me to train a member of staff to add and update content themselves.

Why Does A Website Need Managing?

It is critical to carry out regular checks to ensure that all the behind-the-scenes components of a website are updated and secure.

Keeping the software that runs your server and website up to date is vital.  If your website is hacked, it could go offline, or worse, it could be used for some illegal purpose.

Aside from the security considerations, as a site grows it needs regular maintenance to ensure that it works as expected.  If users are unable to find information and view pages quickly, they are likely to leave.

SEO and Analytics

Search engine optimisation is not something that is done once and forgotten.  Regular checks and updates are important and careful monitoring of your traffic can give provide invaluable marketing insights to help you grow your business.

Setting up analytics means that you can see where visitors have come from, what pages they looked at and how long they stayed on your site.  You are also able to track which content is generating enquiries.

Cost Effective Website Management for Small Businesses

Every website is different, but in general, a maintenance package would include:

  • Regular “MOT” check-ups to ensure that your site is secure and up to date.
  • SEO/Marketing reviews
  • Traffic analysis (Analytics)
  • Advice about changes to your site.

For WordPress sites, I offer a fully managed solution taking care of all WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates, security checks and 24/7 uptime monitoring.