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This is a brief portfolio of some projects I have recently been involved with.  Where possible I have indicated the type of work undertaken, please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information about any of my work.

Not all clients are happy for their website to be shown, however if you would like references from existing or former clients please contact me.  As an aside you may notice that I do not ask clients to place credit links in their footers.


I undertake a variety of Website Services projects.  Almost all involve working very closely with the business in question over several months.  Although I’m very happy to do one-off work I tend to find ongoing website projects much more rewarding.

Working with your existing marketing team is not a problem.  Creating a website using an existing print brochure is relatively straightforward, and in fact can save time and money.

As mentioned throughout this site, the power of WordPress websites is the flexibility of design and functionality.  Hopefully the above examples go someway to demonstrate this, but please do contact me if you wish to discuss any particular project.  I do enjoy a challenge!