StudioPress – Pro Versions and Genesis 2.0

StudioPress Genesis 2.0 has been live for a few weeks now, so it seems like a good time to quickly round up some of the feedback and inital impressions from around the web.

This first piece highlights some of the updates to the most popular themes following the introduction of HTML5:

Now, StudioPress announced his Genesis updated versions and updated his old WordPress theme in fully responsive design with HTML5 implemented. StudioPress updated themes like Sixteen Nine Pro, Eleven40 Pro, Going Green Pro, Minimum Pro and Metro Pro versions. 1. Sixteen Nine Pro :- Sixteen Nine Pro WordPress Theme is […]


Custom Post Types are really quite underused, partly due to the perceived complexity in setting them up. has a really handy explanation about how to make best use of custom post types with genesis.

If you work with custom post types, be ready to GET EXCITED about one new Genesis 2.0 feature in particular… built-in support to create an archive for custom post types, complete with some really cool archive settings.

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Nick the geek is regarded as the “go to guy” for anything to do with developing with Genesis.  He’s written a great article about how to use the new hooks and filters in Genesis 2.0

I’ve already referenced the first article of Genesis Explained, but if you have not read it I’d recommend going back and reading it now. Now that you are familiar with the basic concept behind Genesis I’d like to cover the new hooks. I’ll be going back and looking at the framework.php file from Genesis 2.0 later. There is a new function I need to explain, but don’t worry, I won’t forget.

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Of course one of the major considerations with the release of a new piece of software is the question as whether or when to upgrade.  Some people are amazingly slow at upgrading their sites, and this has it’s own security and operational issues.  But for me it’s the excitement of deploying new features and taking advantage of the latest code enhancements.  WMwebdesign were equally eager, and have written a useful guide to the upgrade process, and upgrading.

WordPress beta versions were released by the bucket load then we had 3.6 Release Candidate and 3.6 Release Candidate 2.0 and then, one moonlit night, the WordPress upgrade notice appeared in dashboards throughout the land and a few days later… Genesis 2.0 was released.

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